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Electrical Contracts

We started this venture to solve a significant challenge faced regularly by commercial electrical contractors, namely providing qualified and experienced electrical contractors nationwide in a timely manner and at a commercially viable rate.

An experienced IT and Business consultant joined forces with an established Electrical Contractor and an IT solutions company to formulate a specific solution for the Main Contractor and Sub Contractor.

This solution is simple to use and is cost effective for small independent contractors through to large corporations. 

The benefits: 

  • Main Contractors reduces the time to find and process qualified Electrical Sub Contractors
  • Sub Contractors are notified of Jobs in their area by our system and they can confirm their availability in a few clicks
  • Main Contractor selects the most suitable Sub Contractor that is available
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Increases business agility and the bottom line by utilising local qualified Electrical Contractors
  • Provides the Main and Sub Contractor with status and activity reports on all Jobs processed

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Electrical Contracts